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How to Apply for Fit Kits?


Not sure what size fits you? Want to see and feel all NIMBLEWEAR fabric samples? 




(1) EMAIL the list of items that you are interested to custom make to:

USA customers: darin@nimblewearusa.com or chad@nimblewearusa.com 1-888740-3915

Canada customers: joseph@nimblewear.ca 1-514-419-8668

Australia customers: sales@nimblewear.com

Customers in Other Countries: william@nimblewear.com 1-949-599-8847

(2) PAY a deposit: we will email you a link for you to pay by PayPal or Credit Card;

(3) We will SEND you a package of sizing kits and all NIMBLEWEAR fabric samples;

(4) SEND all the sizing kits back to our address and we will refund you the deposit;

(5) Make orders online or with your custom apparel specialist.